My Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

    May the God of hope, who by the power of the Holy Spirit, brought forth new life into the world, be with you always!  As we celebrate the great feast of the Nativity, the birthday of Jesus, let our hearts be filled with joy and illumined by the Light, born continually anew in our hearts and in our world!

    My heart is filled with joy as I celebrate this twelfth Christmas with you as your spiritual father and pastor.  I reflect back on those Christmas’ that have preceded this one and feel so blessed at how far we have come as a parish community.  Moreover I am certain that each day we are creating a future full of hope under the protection of Christ, the Light of the World.  

    My prayer for you in this Christmas Season is that the gifts of faith, hope and charity, continue to grow in your hearts and homes.  I pray that the values of the gospel and our Catholic heritage become actively visible in your homes and in your every day walk of life.  May you forever know of my deep love and respect for you and how blessed and humbled I am to walk this journey of faith with you.

    I pray too that many of you who have taken the risk to invite others back to the Church realize the profound seeds you have planted are being nourished by God’s grace and brought to fruition by your love and persistence.

    Those of you who have taken the risk to return to the Church, I pray that you may realize that the invitation you received did not happen lightly but with a great deal of risk, prayer and love.  Keep moving forward! 

    May the God of love, who brought forth life into the world, whose Word became flesh, grant you, and your loved ones, peace and joy this Christmas and throughout the New Year!  

A Blessed Christmas & Joyous New Year to you all!

God’s peace and my love and prayers,

Father Michael


P.S.  Please remember your parish during the holiday season and be as generous as your means permit.  Like last year, if you are looking to give a “year end gift” please remember our debt reduction efforts.  Your generosity is needed and most appreciated.