My Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

            Blindness comes in many forms.  One can be physically blind and unable to see.  One can be diagnosed as “legally blind,” with partial sight of images or colors.  Then there are those who are temporarily blinded by a flash of light or a chemical reaction.  In time, their sight may return.  But in the gospel today, Jesus makes a most profound point in speaking about the spiritual blindness of individuals who are so self absorbed, so righteous in their judgment of others they cannot “see the trees for the forest.”  These individuals rarely think “outside the box” and are almost always satisfied with just getting by.  Moreover, their own bitterness often keeps them from the real joy of life in Christ.  These are the mediocre individuals Jesus pointed to in today’s gospel as a reminder of how easily we too can fall into mediocrity and complacency in terms of our life and our faith.

            How often in our own lives do we find ourselves settling for “good enough”: rather than striving for excellence.  How many times do we only do the bare minimum in order to get by and get done with the task at hand.  When was the last time you went the “extra mile” for someone or put in a little extra effort to make someone feel special or even to put in a little extra time and effort in your relationship with Christ?

            When we stop to reflect on the Cross of Christ, we have to acknowledge He didn’t settle for anything less than excellence and perfection for us and for our salvation!

            Take a moment this week in silence to reflect on how you’re doing on the Lenten journey.  Look to the perfect love of Christ on the Cross.  He never held back.  He never quit.  He never stops loving.  Going the extra mile with our faith life and with our charity can only bring us further into the Lord’s grace and a life of healing and peace.

God’s peace and my love and prayers,

Father Michael