My Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

            Today we begin the holiest week of our Liturgical year of grace. HOLY WEEK, a moment in time when we move from the triumphant entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem to the salvific experience of His passion, death and glorious resurrection, unfolds for us the ultimate, lasting love of Jesus we commemorate each time we gather to celebrate Mass.  This week is a profoundly solemn and holy time because we see so clearly the incredible and supremely profound act of love God has for us sinners.  Brothers and sisters, this is love at its most selfless and its most perfect.

            Every time I reflect on the passion of the Lord Jesus, I am made aware of my unworthiness to be shown such love.  Through all the turmoil, through all the chaos, through all the evil cast upon Jesus, He is more concerned about those whom He has come to save.  Every word He utters, every gesture He makes, including His willingness to take upon Himself the sins of all humankind and suffer on the cross, is for “others,” not Himself. 

            He never focuses on the glory for Himself.  He never contemplates the adoration and credit of the years to come.  He is only, in that moment, seeking to care for us, love us, save us, by His total surrender to the will of the Father.  We are so holy blest!

            Participate fully in these sacred days.  Pay close attention to every movement, word and gesture.  Carve out a daily time for silent reflection.  See how much the Lord loves you and desires your salvation.  Let not one moment this week be without care for your Savior.  Let not one thought, word or deed be without His incredible love guiding you.  Let this week be truly holy because we desire to be holy as He is holy, by our desire to mirror His selfless love for “others.”

            Know that I love you and I am proud of the challenges you have accepted this Lenten Season.  May you be bathed in the shadow of the cross and weep with joy at His empty tomb.        God’s peace and my love and prayers,

Father Michael